Main information

NAME: Joint Stock Company «Khmelnytskoblenergo»

LEGAL ADDRESS: 11 A, Khranovskogo Str., Khmelnytsky, 29018

TEL: (0382)78-78-59




The main purpose of the Company's activity is the distribution of electricity to consumers in the Khmelnytsky region as a part of the unified energy system of Ukraine. To accomplish this mission, our production and technical capabilities, as well as the reconstruction and construction of production facilities, and our electrical networks are all constantly being improved.

The company has come a long way, because of implementing an effective development strategy and modern management methods. Khmelnytskoblenergo provides electricity transmission in Khmelnytsky region, where the company has a share of about 80% in the electricity market, serving 550,310 household consumers and 20,170 commercial and industrial customers. Retail, industrial and other commercial enterprises are the main customers, our sales to those segments are 42%, 13% and 11% of our turnover respectively.

Installed transformation capacity amounts to 3341 MW-A (through 7,522 substations). Khmelnytskoblenergo owns 33,000 Km of overhead lines and 1,500 Km of cable transmission lines. The company has about 3,560 employees.


Khmelnytskoblenergo is a majority state-owned regional energy distribution company. 70% of the company's shares belong to the state, the other 30% to private legal entities and individuals.


The company pays special attention to our customer relationships, considering them as its key stakeholders. Therefore, the motto "the consumer is the highest value of the Company" is a constant consideration in developing the road map of the Company. The company management develops and improves the management system of the company, which includes a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015; occupational health and safety management system in accordance with ISO 45001: 2018 and environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015.



Козачук"My task as a leader and member of this team is to ensure maximum efficiency of the company and increase profitability. This allows us to balance the interests of all concerned, the main shareholder (the state) by ensuring the payment of dividends; we serve our communities through increasing the reliability of electricity supply and implementing social development programs; and most importantly the enterprise itself through increasing the value and quality of assets and improving investment attractiveness in preparation for successful privatisation" - Oleg Kozachuk, head of JSC Khmelnytskoblenergo. 



Khmelnytskoblenergo is one of the few companies in the industry that has a research and production base and, in addition to traditional activities for regional energy companies, produces under its own brand mobile and stationary laboratories for calibration of current and voltage measuring transformers. These laboratories are used as part of efficiency audits of other distribution networks.


Having chosen the path of continuous improvement and being guided by the fundamental concepts of the EFQM model, Khmelnytskoblenergo won the 9th International Quality Tournament of Central and Eastern Europe in the Large Enterprises category, the award level of Recognized Excellence - 5 Stars is recognition of our values.


picture_e29501ea48dc126b56a_67123_p0   Taxes paid

NUMBERS TODAY. In the first half of 2020, the net profit of Khmelnitskoblenerg" increased 2 times compared to the same period last year and amounted to 48.7 million UAH. against 24.6 million UAH for the first 6 months of 2019

Net income increased by 11.2%. The company's net profit in 2019 amounted to 85.7 million UAH, which is more than the profit of all state-owned energy companies in Ukraine combined. Dividends on the state share for 2019 amounted to about 30 million UAH.