To the consumers of electric power day and night

From the 1st of March, 2014 in the company «Khmelnytskoblenergo» is working contact center (CALL-CENTER). It's a specialized department that handles consumer appeals and complaints, also it informs consumers of electric power via voice communication channels.

All calls to multichannel toll free number 0 800 50 50 62 from fixed and cell phones in Ukraine are free of charge, as for calls to multichannel city number (0382) 75 52 00 – it will be charged according to current rates of city or long distance calls.


The call center provides consumers of electric power with information and consulting services. By calling to call-center, a recipient can obtain information automatically or via direct communication with operator. Automatic self-service menu allows the recipient to obtain information by pressing the corresponding key on the telephone:

1 – breaks in power supply;
2 – timetable of «Khmelnytskoblenergo»;
3 – power grid connection procedure;
4 – rules for consideration of complaints and appeals;
5 – to connect the operator.

If the recipient didn't choose any key menu but stayed on line – he automatically gets connected with call-center operator. Also voice menu can be controlled by pressing the necessary keys, to interrupt it's listening.

The call-center phone numbers will be periodically notified in the media and constantly published on the bills for consumed electric energy.

day and night - 0800 50 50 62 or (0382) 75 52 00